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Michael V. in Washougal, WA

"Friendly, punctual, and fast. The technician came exactly at the top of the hour even though my place is rural and 25 miles from their shop. He evaluated a difficult project, he came up with a reasonable solution and was able to return the next business day first thing and install within an hour so I could make a flight out of town. When I learned this was a family owned business it all made sense. Seriously, when was the last time a big box store went out of their way for you? Do they even care? Shop local, stay local. These guys are an example of what makes our country awesome!"

garage door installation and repairs in vancouver wa

Garage Door Repairs In Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

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Garage Door Repair Services

  • Broken spring replacement.

  • Broken or Bent Rollers.

  • Garage door opener repair.

  • Garage door opener replacement.

  • New garage door opener installation. 

  • Opener programming.

  • Fixing torsion spring/shaft.

  • Fixing garage door motor noises.

  • Garage door bent track replacement.

  • Garage door seal repair and replacement.

  • Broken panel or section replacement.

  • Garage door remote troubleshooting.

  • Troubleshooting garage door sensors

  • Chamberlain, Genie & Liftmaster garage door openers. 

  • Water leaking under your garage door.

  • New garage door installations.

  • Garage door system conversion.

  • Garage door high lift system. 

  • Garage door gear replacement. 

  • Commercial garage door service. 


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Broken Spring Repair | Vancouver, WA
Garage Door Opener Installation | Vancouver, WA
New Garage Door Installation | Portland, OR

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Garage door springs are a very important part of the system's operation and functionality. 

There are different types of springs lengths and tensions that will fit your garage door system's needs. We strongly recommend not replacing springs independently without the proper experience, as it can be very dangerous and can cause body injuries and property damage. We are certified professionals and we know how to manage spring issues with minimum danger. As a company, we have sharpened our skills specifically for this service and can complete the garage door spring replacement or repair without disrupting your schedule or posing any danger.

Springs can serve for many years depending on how you use your garage door and how well you maintain it. These springs play a very vital role in the seamless execution of opening and closing your garage door.

In fact, they carry the whole weight of the door when you open it. If you thought it’s the opener that does the job, know that it’s actually the spring doing all the heavy lifting!

Click here learn more about garage door springs 

Spring Replacement Services | Portland, OR

Garage door spring snapped ?

Garage door wont go up or down ?

Garage door spring broke? 

You need a garage door spring replacement?

When calling to your nearest garage door repair company, be sure to specify the size of your garage door. An expert garage door repair company should be able to preform an overhead garage door spring repair in no time, and in a fair price. A Garage door spring replacement cost is determined by the size of the needed spring and its tension. 

Garage door spring replacement and garage door torsion spring replacement are basically the same thing, as torsion springs are the most commonly used springs. 

As your local garage door repair company, we wont only provide a same day garage door repair, but we will go above and beyond to provide the best garage door repair we can! 

Click here to learn more about garage door springs and common repairs

Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement

Your garage door cables are another important component that helps your garage door operate smoothly. They act in concert with the springs. You’ll see the garage door cables wrapped around the garage door drums at both ends of the axle on which the springs sit. Garage door cables run from the roller brackets on the bottom corners of the door to the cable drums. When you raise a garage door, the springs unwind and the energy (tension) that is stored helps to lift the your garage door. At this time the cables wrap around grooves in the cable drum. When you lower the door, these cables unwind from the cable drum and rewind the springs to their full tension.

Many times you will need a garage door cable repair due to an unbalanced garage door, a broken spring or just a faulty cable. Garage door cable repairs and replacements are very common and should be preformed within about an hour of garage door expert work. 

Click here to learn more about your garage door cables

Garage Door Cable Replacement | Camas, WA

Garage Door Opener Repair And Replacement

Whether you want a new opener or just need your current one fixed, we are the experts to call for garage door opener installation and repair. Our company has been certified to install all major brands. Not sure which one is best for your garage? Just call us, and we’ll help you determine. Some of the brands in high demand include:

  • Linear

  • LiftMaster

  • Chamberlain

  • Genie

  • Wayne Dalton

Your garage door opener purpose is basically to make your life easier. Instead of puling and releasing a chain to open and close your garage door, you can install a motor or garage door opener to help you lift and close your door with a press of a button. There are different kinds of openers with many different features from remote access to the most common chain driven gear opener. 

Click here learn more about garage door openers

Garage Door Opener Repair | Vancouver, WA

Emergency Garage Door Off-Track Repair

It is a common for garage doors to fall off their tracks from different reasons, but compared to other issues this is by far one of those horrifying ones that no one wishes to go through. Just imagine waking up one morning to experience the worst case scenario with your garage door. You grab your things ready to leave, but when you press the button to open the garage door, one side goes up while the other part just remains. From this point your ill probably hear loud scary noises and then you would know that your plans are canceled till an expert will come to rescue. 


When your door goes off track and you need emergency off track fix service, stop using the door immediately and contact your professional garage door company, before things are too tough. In bent or broken garage door sections, panels and tracks. one issue can lead to many others. Keep in mind that your garage door is made out of steel most times, which can be bent and damaged with the proper force and circumstances. 

Garage door off track fix can be a long or short job, it really depends on what made the door goo off track. sometimes the situation is not repairable and then a new garage door will have to be installed. 

We provide free estimated for these situations so you will have all the tolls to make the best decision for you. 

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services | Off Track Repair | Portland, OR


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